"I give Lanny Leach huge credit for setting the Unbranded ride up for success. His 50 years of judging experience was crucial as we picked out the right horses from the BLM to use on our 3,000 mile ride across the country. His training knowledge, patience, and quick reflexes made him the perfect trainer to put the crucial first 30 days on the horses we used. In addition to picking out our horses and putting the first 30 days of training into them, Lanny was a master teacher who taught me more about wild horses in a few days than I would've learned in years on my own. You get what you see with Lanny. He's honest to a fault, kind yet firm, patient but quick, and a mentor always seeking to learn."

~Ben Masters, Fur and Fin Productions, "Unbranded"
May 28, 2015

"Lanny Leach – The Horseman"

"There are horse trainers, and there are horsemen. Horse trainers simply train horses. A horseman trains themselves, others and of course, horses. Lanny is the consummate horseman, he is in fact a horsemen’s horseman. My first meeting with Lanny was years ago. He offered to come out to my place on a cold January morning to load a mustang in a trailer so that we could get the horse over to his place and get him saddle broke. Knowing this would be a difficult feat, I allotted about 90 minutes to get this done. I envisioned myself, Lanny and the horse going round and round to get him in the trailer. From the moment that Lanny arrived, I instantly knew something was different, and so did my horses. Lanny projected such a combined sense of calmness and leadership that this big mustang just about jumped right into Lanny’s pocket. I was right about the 90, it took about 90 seconds, not minutes. I knew this horse was in capable hands.

Lanny understands that when training a young horse, you either deal with it now on your terms, or someone deals with it later on the horse’s terms. Lanny works very methodically to ensure that a horse’s foundation is solid, not filled with holes. This is true of a young horse, or one that requires remedial training. There is no magic to horse training, rather it is all in the approach. Lanny is a true master at this. We all (should) know that the basis for good horsemanship is feel, timing, and balance; Lanny has a lifetime of experience which allows these traits to flow freely.

I am fortunate to consider Lanny a friend, as he has helped me greatly on my own journey, which includes the Extreme Mustang Makeover, TIP training, and local domestic horses. When I speak with others and Lanny’s name comes up, it is always with reverence. I do not say this lightly, but I am confident that the masters, Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt, way up in Heaven have tipped their hats to Lanny."

~Bob Broyles
Broyles Horsemanship, June 2015


"I recommend Mr. Leach often to my clients for their difficult horses and for starting young horses. Mr. Leach has also worked with six of my own horses. Mr. Leach is very kind and patient with horses. He has a sixth sense regarding the behavior of horses in general. He is able to institute confidence with the most fearful of horses with his desensitization program. The horses Mr. Leach works with all appear to trust him completely. Mr. Leach is one of the hardest working people I know. He is punctual and honest. He possesses a strong feeling of empathy not only for the horses he works with, but also with his clients. He respects people and animals. I highly recommend Mr. Leach for working with wild horses."

~Ann Pearson-Wegner, DVM

"The wife and I want to thank you for the riding lessons we received last week at the Triangle T ranch. In my life I have tried to ride horses 5 times. Three times I have been thrown with one fall resulting in a hospital stay. As seniors we were a little apprehensive about getting on a horse at our age. Therefore, before we endeavored to go on a ride we thought it would be a great idea to get some training. The time we spent with you was invaluable. Your patience and knowledge allowed us to gain the ability to ride with confidence. For once I had no trouble staying in the saddle even though we were riding through some rough terrain. I would recommend you to anyone from a novice to an advanced rider looking to gain knowledge from an expert rider. We now look forward to next year when we plan on returning to the Triangle T ranch to experience more advanced rides. Of course we will get a refresher or two from you before we hit the trail. Thank you."

~Pat & Victoria Wohlwend
April 15, 2014

"My horse Lucy and I attended Lanny's trail obstacle clinic last weekend at the Triangle T Ranch in Dragoon, Arizona. I am still blown away by how much we learned in two days of working with Lanny! I can't thank him enough, and I signed up for the next clinic already!

Lanny started my horse Lucy a year ago. He had her for 3 months in Texas. We live in Silver City, New Mexico. When she came back, we didn't have a chance to ride her, for we met on the way in Deming.

I am a trail rider out here in the mountains. I ride alone a lot and with one riding buddy. I don't feel comfortable riding in groups. I was thrilled when the clinic opportunity opened up, so I could learn to ride with other riders and to have Lanny give us some feedback after riding Lucy for a year (weekends only). I have only once beforehand attended a clinic and that was a very long time ago.

Well, I am amazed and so, so happy about this past weekend! The end result of two days with Lanny: I feel comfortable in a group setting now. I have tools to work on my horse's little spooking, I learned to lope her, I even rode through a little tunnel under I-10! And I met wonderful people while doing all of this. I don't know how Lanny does it, he never stopped helping people and their horses throughout the whole weekend, thank you Lanny!"

~ Silke S.


"I have referred dozens of clients to Lanny with difficult horses or youngsters to break. Every one of them is totally satisfied and thrilled to have him as their trainer. I've been practicing veterinary medicine for 32 years and he is the most complete, competent trainer I have ever seen. Lanny routinely turns intractable, dangerous horses into useful working animals. He demands respect from the horse with firm, yet always humane, technique. Lanny grew up on a horse. His experience as a rancher, trail boss and trainer is incomparable. He is soft spoken yet instills confidence to both horse and rider. He has turned difficult patients of mine into pussycats. I've never seen him lose his temper and he never whips or beats a horse inappropriately. Lanny is a great husband, father, and friend. He is a Christian and I am proud to know him."

~Tom Johnson, D.V.M.


Lanny is an extraordinary horseman. He has the rare gift of being equally good at training horsesand teaching their riders. I came to him with a lifelong desire tounderstand more about how to ride correctly and learn to ride my horses in a reiningpattern. I have received so much more from him.

Lanny has taught me thateverything that I have wanted starts with the foundation of getting my horsesto move all the parts of their bodies willingly. He teaches us that if wewill just take the time to prepare our horses each time before going out on aride, we will not only be safer, but the ride will be much more enjoyable forus and our horses as well. By following his instruction and doing a fewminutes of warm up exercises before going out on a ride, I now have horses thatare not only so much more fun to ride, but also much safer.

Lanny excels at assessinga horse and rider and getting them on a path to success. Helistens. He hears much more than we are able to verbalize. Hedoesn't try to impose his goals on others, rather, he listens to where we arewith our horse and where we would like to be, then helps us get there.

I never miss his clinicsbecause each time I learn so much more as he works with numerous horses andriders that face different challenges. I have finally found someone toteach me what I have always wanted to know and do. I am so very grateful toyou, Lanny.

~Teri Brandt

Select photos by Photography By Faith and Maria Weber