A Welsh TV Series
Lanny Leach

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  • aMikeing Up Resized_banner.jpg
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  • bb Lanny Ready Resized_banner.jpg
  • bc Caught Resized_banner.jpg
  • bd Mare Face Resized_banner.jpg
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  • bf Making Contact Resized_banner.jpg
  • bg First Touch Resized_banner.jpg
  • bh Sacking Out Resized_banner.jpg
  • bi Weight Test Resized_banner.jpg
  • bj Weight Test 2 Resized_banner.jpg
  • bk Tolerance Test Resized_banner.jpg
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  • ca Saddle Up Resized_banner.jpg
  • cb Saddle On Resized_banner.jpg
  • cc Stirrup Test Resized_banner.jpg
  • cd First Ride Resized_banner.jpg
  • ce Stand and Clap Resized_banner.jpg
Select photos by Photography By Faith and Maria Weber