Mustangs of America Foundation (MAF) is an all volunteer nonprofit, nonpolitical organization dedicated to promoting mustang and burro adoptions, training, facilitating public education and prevention of cruelty to animals. MAF is committed to working with the Bureau of Land Management to develop other programs that increase the number of successful adoptions by:

· Providing information and education to the public about mustang and    burro adoption and training programs

· Promote successful adoptions by assisting new adopters with training    issues

· Promote events that showcase mustangs and encourage adoption 

· Support the inmate training programs in:

Carson City, Nevada
Florence, Arizona and
Sacramento, California

(We hope to add more programs as funding allows)

· Assist agencies with for projects for mustangs in the wild

· Partner with Corporate sponsors

· Fund raising to assist in current and future programs

Inmate Training Programs

The Mustangs of America Foundation (MAF) focuses on mustang adoptions through the inmate training programs in Sacramento, CA, Carson City, NV and Florence, AZ. These programs are important for increasing the adoption of mustangs by providing trained horses for the public and government agencies such as the border patrol.

These programs also change the lives of inmates. Along with learning a new skill, inmates learn respect, teamwork and even love. The horse programs give  an opportunity for inmates to learn to communicate with the public when talking to potential adopters. Some inmates have gone on to farrier school or continue to work with horses when they get out of prison. 

The quality of training these horses get will determine the number of successful adoptions. We do our best to encourage these men to lead successful lives once they are released. We will provide counsel or relocation if necessary. We want these programs to be a win for both mustangs and men.

If you wish to sponsor an inmate for continued education with mustangs or help the programs in general please contact MAF for more information.

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Select photos by Photography By Faith and Maria Weber